Case Study in corporate activities....


September 9th--13th, 2000
at Wembley Arena.

This event has run successfully for several years and attracts lots of media interest.

Adventure Club was asked to manage the logistics for the competing teams and guests from around the world and liasing with their accommodation.

Timetabling the movements was not a problem. Ensuring that the fleet of buses and minibuses, the team of couriers and the timing of the events all coordinated was great fun, even if we didn't sleep much.

'The best thing to happen in our company for ages'

However Adventure Club now has contacts in Malaysia, South Africa, Japan, as well as most of Europe.


November 2nd-3rd, 2000 to Mechelen, Belgium.

The challenge was to arrange a mystery trip that would combine elements of product and marketing seminars with team building activities.

Usually the individuals met in a single venue and rotated around seminars. We wanted to both unsettle them and then build their team cohesion. The other factor was that there was a limited budget.

We met them with the oldest coach in the world, took them to a local football club where they were dressed down by their MD. They then discussed the relaunch of their company and left on the 'Secrets coach', tables, lights, champagne and Tina Turner!

We had 5 video monitors to watch their marketing videos whilst travelling around the M25 at the conclusion of which their MD sang, 'I'm the King of the Pumas'. The combinations of surprises, games and seminars continued for two days. We interviewed their glove puppets, had a company quiz, juggled in the tunnel and sang songs until 4.30 am.